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Position:  524.4' N 735.1' W
Location:  Dungarvan, Co Waterford, Ireland
Present Tower Built:  1858
Tower Composition:  Local limestone rock
Height of Tower: 44 ft (13.4 m)
George Halpin (jnr)
Focal Height of Light:  52 ft (15.85 m) above mean high water
First Lit:  September 1858
Original Lights factor: One fixed red, green, and bright light.
Light Characteristic: White Flash sequence
Visible Range on clear night: nominal 14 nautical miles
Automated: Not Known


Originally when this station was established its name was known as the Dungarvan Light.
It was designed by George Halpin (jnr) and constructed from locally quarried limestone rock.

With its location on Ballinacourty Point, on the northern shore of Dungarvan Bay.

When it was first lit the lighthouse had three coloured sectors in its lantern, with the red light marking the Carrickpane Rock, the green over rocks close to Ballinacourty Point to the east and the bright white light showing in all other areas.

Although classed as a third order light it was still visible from a distance of 10 nautical miles.

At the request of merchants and shipowners this harbour light was established to guide ships into Dungarvan Bay and into the safe anchorage.


Ballinacourty (CIL)
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