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Clarkson, James | Clayton, Sir John | Clingan, Ian. C. | Cotton, Charles P.
Clarkson, James (Life span unknown)

Noted as the designer of the Cloch lighthouse around 1797

Clayton, Sir John (Life span unknown)

Knight of the Realm 17th century
He obtained a comprehensive Letter Patent for five sites to erect lighthouses. However due to his boasting that more than 500 Masters and Ship owners had agreed to voluntarily contribute towards the up keep of these lights, his Patent was issued with any compulsory order for Shipping to pay a light levy.

Only two of his lighthouses were ever lit, with both towers sited at Corton.

His other projects at the Farne Islands, Flamborough Head and Foulness remained unlit.

The annual rent required from Sir John Clayton, to be paid to the Crown as part of his Patent agreement, was 20 per year for 60 years.

Clingan, Ian. C. (Life span unknown)

Engineer-in-Chief for Trinity House an appointment he took up in 1967. He was responsible for the Royal Sovereign lighthouse tower. This particular station was a new concept using a caisson principle devised in Sweden. This structure replaced the former light vessel in 1970
He is also accredited with the designs for the Bull Point lighthouse, following the original James Douglass tower being demolished due to a dramatic landslip.

Cotton, Charles P. (1832-1904)

He was the Engineer to the Port of Dublin (1863-7) and Consultant to the Commissioners of Irish Lights (1867-68. He also designed the Inishtearaght lighthouse in Ireland.