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Europa Point (TH)

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POSITION 36 7'.00  N  5 21'.00 W
Location:   Gibraltar
Present Tower Built:  Between 1837-41
Tower Composition:  Local rock masonry
Height of Tower: 62 ft 4 ins (19 m)
Designer/Builder:  Corps of the Royal Engineers
Focal Height of Light:  160 ft 9ins (49 m) above mean high water
First Lit:  1st August 1841
Light Characteristic: white arc isophase every 10 second
Subsidiary red light: fixed
Visible Range (main light) on clear night: nominal 19 nautical miles
Visible Range (red light) on clear night: nominal 17 nautical miles
Fog signal character: 1 blast every 20 seconds 
Automated: 1994

The Rock of Gibraltar was taken by the British Royal Marines in 1704. It was officially handed over to the British Government in 1714 under the Treaty of Utrecht. From that time it has been considered to be a British Colony, including the traditional police looking like the 'London Bobbies'.

The monetary exchange is the UK sterling.

Europa Point lighthouse was established in 1841 and designed and built by the Royal Engineers. There is no specific person who is accredited with its design.

It shares a very unique partnership with the Sombrero Lighthouse in the Caribbean as being one of the only two lights that come under the jurisdiction of Trinity House, that are not within the United Kindom coastline.

This station was automated in 1994 and is now monitored by Trinity House in Harwich, via a telephone link set up from the Gibraltar Port Office. An attendant keeper still ensures that everything is operational at regular intervals.

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