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ISBN: 0-679-00327-4
Availability: ip
Author 2:
Fodor, Eugene, etc. (Ed)
Title: Cancun, Cozumel, Yucatan Peninsula.
Volume: 2000: Expert Advice and Smart Choices.
Series: Gold Guides.
Physical: 23cm. 256. Ill.Col.M. Paperback
Previous ISBN: 0679001220
Product Type: B (Book)
UK Publisher: Fodor's Travel Publications,
US: Nov 1999
UK Price: 13.99
UK Wholesalers: BERT GARD
Exclusive Rights: E: UK, Ireland
Dewey Class: 917.26504836
Dewey Edition: 21
BIC Subject: Travel & holiday. Mexico
BIC Sub Code: WT/1KLCM
Audience Group: G (General)
UK Descrip: In the GOLD GUIDES series, this revised edition details the rapidly changing restaurant, hotel and recreational sports scene in the area. With coverage of nature reserves, lighthouses, Mayan ruins and craft markets, and a new section of contact addresses for outdoor activities this is an essential guide for the tourist.
Data Source: Whitaker UK