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Gelling, James | Gordon, Alexander | Grose, J.H.
Gelling, James (Life Span Unknown)

From the records of the Isle of Man Harbour Commission, this engineer designed two wooden lighthouses, one at Derbyhaven the other at Peel. He also designed and supervised the stone towers at Ramsey and Castletown (1849). Only the latter tower still exists.

Gordon, Alexander (1802-68)

This engineer was born in New York and later moved to Scotland where he went to the Edinburgh University. On leaving college he went to work for Thomas Telford. His main interest was in optics and in 1842 he patented a special holophotal optical apparatus. He later became involved with lighthouses, especially in the development of cast-iron structures. He obtained a franchise from the blind engineer Alexander Mitchell, to utilize his designs for many overseas projects. His first contract was at Morant Point in Jamacia.
He is also accredited with several engineering designs for swing bridges and ventilation projects.

Grose, J.H. (Life Span Unknown)

He was the Engineer-in-Chief for the Commissioners of Irish Lights for 11 years, from 1945-56.