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Jernegan, William | Johnston, James | Jupp, Richard
Jernegan, William (1760-1836)

This surveyor/engineer designed the Mumbles lighthouse on the South Wales coast in 1793. He also designed and established the cast iron pier light at Swansea in 1803.

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Johnston, James (Life Span Unknown)

Listed in the Teeside Public Records as the designer of the Seaton and Brandsand lights in 1839.

Jupp, Richard  (??-1799)

For a period of 30 years this architect was the Chief Surveyor for the East India Trading Company. He was commissioned by Trinity House to design and build the low light at Hurst Point (1786) and the original lighthouse which stood on the cliff over looking the Needles on the Isle of Wight. He also tried to rebuild the former hermitorium light on Chale Down which is above the St. Catherine's lighthouse.