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| Kay, Robert | Lieper, William | Lyster, George F. | Yenn, John |
Kay, Robert (Life span unknown)

He was the architect recorded as having prepared the drawings for Thomas Smith the first Engineer for the Commissioners of the Northern Lights. These were produced between 1787-8. He is also recorded as being the architect for the construction of the South Bridge in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Lieper, William  (1849-1916)

Recorded as the architect who designed the Duart Point Beacon in 1900. This small turreted castle was constructed as a memorial to the romantic Scottish
novelist William Black.

Lyster, George F. (Life span unknown)

He succeeded John B. Hartley as the Engineer-in-Chief for the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board. He is recorded as being the designer and supervisory engineer for the Great Ormes Head Lighthouse in 1862. He was also responsible for major changes to the Lynas Point Lighthouse in 1871.