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Position:  53°18.7' N 5°55.3' W
Location:  replaced the lightship that marked the Kish Bank since 1811
Present Tower Built:  1965
Tower Composition:  world’s first lighthouse built on the telescopic concrete principle
Height of Tower: 101 ft 9 ins (31 m) (visible low tide)
Full extent of tower from sea bed: 170 ft (52 m)
Designer:  Many details by
A.D.H. Martin, Chief Engineer for Commisioners of Irish Lights
Main designers & builders: Danish firm Christiani & Nielson
Focal Height of Light:  95 ft (29 m) above mean high water
First Lit:  June 1965
Light Characteristic: 2 white flashes every 20 seconds, exhibited by day and by night
Visible Range on clear night: nominal 22 nautical miles
Fog Signal: 2 blasts every 30 seconds.
Radar Beacon: Morse 'T' on vessel's radar display. 
Automated: 1992

The Kish lighthouse was completed in 1965 to replace the lightship that had marked the Kish Bank since 1811.
The lighthouse was a major technological achievement at the time – the world’s first lighthouse built on the telescopic principle to be placed in the open sea.
It was built by the Danish firm Christiani & Nielson in Dun Laoghaire harbour as a concrete caisson and floated to its position on the Kish Bank.
It was then sunk on the sea bed and extended up to its full height of 170 ft (52 m).
The Kish lighthouse was automated in 1992.

Kish Bank (CIL)