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ISBN: 1-902616-42-1
Availability: ip
Author 1:
Marriot, Leo
Title: Lighthouses.
Physical: 31cm. 128. Cloth
Product Type: B (Book)
UK Publisher: Parkgate Books: Aug 1999
UK Price: 7.99
UK Wholesalers: GARD
Dewey Class: 387.15509
Dewey Edition: 21
BIC Subject: Shipping industries
BIC Sub Code: KNGS Audience Group: G (General)
Data Source: Whitaker UK

ISBN: 1-86017-457-4
Availability: ip
Museums and Galleries in Great Britain and Ireland. Volume: 1998.
Physical: 29cm. 160. Ill.(some col.) Paperback
Previous ISBN: 1860173616 Product Type: B (Book)
UK Publisher: Hobsons Publishing: Mar 1998
UK Price: 8.95(at 08/98)
Dewey Class: 069.0941
Dewey Edition: 21
BIC Subject: Museum, historic sites, gallery & art guides. British Isles
BIC Sub Code: WTGM/1DB
UK Descrip: A guide to over 1,800 Museums and Galleries in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales which looks at days out for the family, unusual galleries such as lighthouses, boats etc. The Guide is arranged by region.
Data Source: Whitaker UK