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Martin, A.D.H. | Matthews, Sir Thomas | Mitchell, Alexander | Morant, John H. |  Murphy, William
Martin, A.D.H. (Life span unknown)

Appointed as the Engineer-in-Chief to the Commisioners of Irish Lights in 1956

Matthews, Sir Thomas  (1849-1930)

Engineer-in-Chief to Trinity House between 1892-1915. He is accredited with the designs for Spurn Point (1895), Pendeen (1900), Beachy Head (1902), Skokholm Island (1915 and much of the major changes for the Lundy lights.

Mitchell, Alexander (1780-1868)

An ingenious and very talented yet blind engineer from Belfast in Ireland. He invented the screwpile which consisted of a long iron pole with a large diameter propellor style end. This screw section was then rotated and allowed to bore its way into soft mud banks, moving sand and other normally unstable areas covered with water. With a combination of eight of these piles it was possible to establish a secure footing for a cast iron lighthouse. One of the first of these types of lighthouse was established near the mouth of the River Thames near London, namely the Maplin Sands in 1838.
His method of operation was later used all around the World.

Morant, John H. (Life span unknown)

He was the Engineer-in-Chief to the Commissioners of Irish Lights between 1877-8

Murphy, William  (life span unknown)

He was the Engineer-in-Chief for the Commissioners of Irish Lights between 1868 -77