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Nelson, Joseph | Nimmo, Alexander | Norris, Richard
Nelson, Joseph  (?? - 1833)

This engineer/builder was born on Whitkirk, Leeds, which was also the birth place of John Smeaton. He was taken seriously ill in a coach while travelling back home. This was also where he died in 1833.
His name is associated with at least 15 lighthouses, with his first being the Daniel Alexander designed South Stack in 1809.
Between 1809-10 he also took on the contract for the two lights at Inner Farne, Northumbria.
He was accredited with the designs and construction of several Welsh lighthouses, especially the square shaped Bardsey tower, established in 1821. However the constraints placed upon him during this contract brought him to the point of bankruptcy.
He also designed and built the Longstone lighthouse close to the Inner Farnes, for Trinity House in 1826.
The Berwick on Tweed pier light was also designed and built by Joseph Nelson.
Yet this determined engineer/builder continued with his work and designed and constructed the Nash Point lighthouse station on the South Wales coast.
During this time he was financed by the Dowlais Iron Company ( now part of the GKN Group). Records of the day to day financial dealings are held in the Glamorgan Public Record Office.
His nephew George Burrell became an engineer and worked on the Nash Point contract.

Nimmo, Alexander  (1783-1832)

This Scottish architect and civil engineer, was appointed as the Chief Engineer for the Western District of Ireland. He was responsible for numerous project where land was reclaimed. He also designed and superised the establishing of several harbours.
His one and only accredited lighthouse was the pierhead light and Dunmore East in 1826.

Norris, Richard  (??-1792)

He was an architect and surveyor and accredited with being the joint designer with William Wilkins, of the high and low lights at Haisborough in 1791.