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Photo with kind permission of Trinity House.

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POSITION 49° 54’.2 N 06° 18’.2 W
Location:  St. Mary's Island - Isles of Scilly
No. on Admiralty list of lights:  0006
First official light established:  1911
Sir Thomas Matthews - A. Handyside & Co. Ltd.
Original structure: Steel tower
Height of structure: 45ft (13.72m)
Present lighthouse established: 20th March 1911
Height of light above mean high water: 110ft (33.53m)
Visible range of light:  10 nautical miles

Peninnis Lighthouse on St Mary’s Island in the Scilly Isles is a small automatic lighthouse consisting of a metal tower, the upper part painted white and the lower part and cupola painted black.

This lighthouse was established in 1911 when it superseded the lighthouse on St Agnes which had been in operation since 1680.

Peninnis was re-engineered and converted from acetylene gas to electrically powered operation in 1992.