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Telford, Thomas | Till, Captain Hugh | Tonkin, J.W. | Trail, John
Telford, Thomas  (1757-1834)

This Welsh engineer is better known for his roads, bridges and canals. Of those outstanding projects for this era was the Menai Suspension Bridge and the Point Cysyllte Aqueduct.
His first design for a lighthouse was for a project in Aberdeen including the developement of the harbour. However his proposals were not accepted.
Later he designed and suprevised the construction of small lighthouses on the Crinan and Caledonian canals. He also established a lighthouse which resembles a modest toll gate house, which was sited at the entrance of the final stretch of the Caledonian Canal at Bona Ferry. This light was displayed from a small bay window on the first floor of the canal keepers cottage.

Till, Captain Hugh
(See Bayly, Captain Simon)

Tonkin, J.W. (Life span unknown)

He was the Engineer-in-Chief for the Commissioners of Irish Lights between 1930-45

Trail, John  (Life span unknown)

He was the Architect and Engineer for the Commissioners of Revenue in Ireland. He designed the Wicklow Head lighthouse on the Irish coast, in 1781.