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Tory Island (CIL)
Photo with the kind permission of the Irish Lighthouse Board.

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Position:  5516.4' North  814.9' West
Location: Tory Island
Lighthouse tower built: (1828-32)
Composition of tower:  Granite
George Halpin (jnr)
Ballast Board
Height of tower:  88 ft 6 ins (27 m)
Focal plane of light: 131 ft 3 ins (40 m) above mean high water
Light first lit:  1st August 1832
Light characteristic: Fl (4) W 30 secs
Visible range of light: nominal 27 nautical miles.
Radar Beacon: Morse 'M' on vessel's radar display.
Fog Signal: Established 1887 - Discontinued August 1994
Automated:  March 1990


A lighthouse on Tory Island was requested by the Harbour Commissioners and Merchants of Sligo in April 1828. Approval for the project was granted by the Ballast Board in November and Statutory Sanction was received from Trinity House in December 1828.

The tower and buildings were designed by Inspector
George Halpin and built by the workmen of the Board under his supervision. The light was established on 1st August 1832.

The tower is 88 ft 6 ins (27 m) high and the light 131 ft 3 ins (40 m) above sea level, highwater. A
dioptric lens with multi-wick oil lamp replaced the original oil lamps and reflectors in 1862.

A major alteration was made to the
optic in 1887. The lens revolved thus giving a flashing character and the light source was coal gas which lasted until 1923. Gas was made in the gas works at the station.

From 1923 until 1972 the light source was vaporised paraffin and from 1972 electric. A fog signal was established in 1887. It was discontinued in August 1994.

The station was automated and, as a consequence, the Keepers were withdrawn at the end of March 1990.