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Position:  5156.5' N 750.5' W
Location:  Mouth of the River Blackwater Co Cork
Present Tower Built:  1852
Tower Composition:  Locally quarried stone
Height of Tower: 42 ft 6 ins (13 m)
George Halpin (snr)
Focal Height of Light:  78 ft (23.8 m) above mean high water
First Lit:  17th October 1852
Original light: White fixed
Red Sector light introduced: 1870
Light Characteristic: White Flash every 15 Seconds
Visible Range on clear night: nominal 15 nautical miles
Converted to electricity: 1964


This harbour light was designed by the joint partnership of George Halpin (snr) & (jnr) and  built of granite.

It stands on the western shore of the River Blackwater where this water course flows into Youghal Bay.

The location of this lighthouse is on the site of the old Convent of St Anne "light tower" that had been kept burning by the nuns for over 350 years from 1190 to 1542.

This area remained in darkness for over 300 years until this present light was built in 1852.

The tower is 42 ft 6 ins (13 m) high and stands 78 ft (23.8 m) above mean high water.

It was converted to electricity in 1964.

Capel Island which has a tower intended as a lighthouse, sits just half-a-mile offshore.


Youghal (CIL)
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